Thursday, 22 December 2011


This is a problem-based learning Project.

Computing has tremendously developed to be one of the most critical and important disciplines worldwide and in Malaysia. Based on Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Supply-Demand Study of ICT Industry by Frost & Sullivan, Computing has contributed on its Core ICT and ICT Enabled Services.
ICT Core includes Software Development, Networking & Security, OS & Server, Database Technologies, Business Intelligence, SAP, Hardware Design and Multimedia Tools.
Apart from Software Development and Networking & Security, Database skills have one of the highest demands recorded.
Databases are the cornerstone of the IT infrastructure and serve a critical business role by archiving data and making it accessible, rapidly and efficiently.
Databases house and deliver significant information, such as client files, inventory, financial records and other information that are vital to business operations. Computer-based databases are used in almost every industry.
Career in Database grows faster than average across all other industries.

However, there are several issues faced (not limited to these):
1. Databases are not widely known when compared to Software Engineering.
2. Day to day tasks are not understood by prospects.
3. Career path as Database Experts are not well promoted in Malaysia.
4. Negative perceptions on Computing careers.

The unfamiliarity is due to unknown career road-maps, day-to-day activities, key performance indicators, opportunities, success indicators, working hours, working environment, nature of activities, interest matching and many more factors.

Your group is required to do research on these problems. Propose a solution that can promote understanding of what Database Career Is, How to be a Database Expert, Where can we apply our skills as Database Experts, .... and lot more.

Fundamental question...Why Database career?

Just Imagine that you are looking for all the answer in your head on What Program to take? You will try to satisfy yourself by having your curiosity answered. So, you need to be really convinced on taking Database as your program of choice.

Project Delivery:
Fully online, using BLOGS. You should be creative, this includes, movies, stories, diagrams, etc. to be embedded your blog.

Final Presentation:
Week 15 (26-28 Dec)

Group Project:
Five (5) members only

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